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DEI provides exceptional support options for restoration professionals during higher demand times through the rental of additional equipment, the use of commercial subcontractor services, and by providing additional training. These services allow you to instantly increase capability and marketability without the costs all while allowing you to work smoothly during high volume times to reach more clients and projects. 

Take on any size job with confidence and integrity by using our equipment, services, and experience as your own.

Equipment Rental & Setup

Basic Equipment Rental

Just need extra portable restoration equipment such as air movers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, hydroxyl machines, etc. then this option may be right for the job! Delivered right to your job-site by a driver trained in inventory so your crew can off load and set-up the equipment you need. 

Trailer Mounted Equipment Rental

This includes set up of all trailer mounted equipment through the door or window of the building, including duct work, and the start-up of the equipment. A trained technician may stay on site to monitor and fuel equipment as needed.  (Set up does not include glass removal, custom-cut plywood panels or certified electricians. Certified electricians are required if any electrical circuitry is tied in to the building panels.)

Set Up Assistance

We can provide a variety of set up services including glass removal and custom cut panels, installation of lay-flat ducting, generator setup, and setup of distribution panels and/or cords for air movers or portable dehumidifiers. If required, we can provide a certified electrician to assist with the equipment setup.

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Commercial Loss Subcontractor or Vendor Services

Whether you want a full service commercial subcontractor or need to customizable vendor services, DEI is the experienced team you can trust. Listed below are a few of the many options available. 

Desiccant  Technician

Monitors the dehumidifiers & generators for proper operation, fuel levels, oil levels etc. They are trained in all operational aspects and minor and intermediate repair. 
(Not a major repair Mechanic)

Drying Technician

Assists in equipment placement, monitoring, and all applications to assist in building drying.

Certified Electrician

Set ups distribution panels and or cords for air movers or portable dehumidifiers or when needed for trailer mounted equipment set up.

Moisture Mapping and Psychometric Charting Team

This team will map the affected area of the building and create documentation for psychometric and structural moisture content readings. They will also issue a letter of certification stating the condition of the structure upon completion. This will be reinforced by written documentation, digital photography, computerized psychometric readings and thermo imaging. All documentation will be sorted, tabbed and placed in a booklet ready for presentation to the necessary parties.

Project Consultant

Gives advice and expert opinions in the commercial drying field, including building drying, documentation, and billing.

Project Manager

Manager for the entire project, controlling all aspects of the drying process, documentation, billing, and all other aspects necessary to dry the structure.

“The Drying Team”

This team will coordinate, manage and provide any and all labor, tools, equipment, and supplies necessary to return the structure to pre- loss conditions at wholesale rates so you have nothing to lose and only profits to gain.
TDT provides full restoration and remediation services for commercial losses due to fire, water, mold, asbestos, smoke, and odor all while performing the services as you for you! Multiple pre-approved billing structures available. Call today to learn more.