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Following is a list of some of the information that will assist us in insuring that we have a complete understanding of the services that your company would like for us to perform. It will also help us to insure that the cost for these services is understood by all concerned parties. These are in no particular order as they are merely listed services for you to choose from.

  • Basic rental equipment – This plan includes curb-side delivery. The driver will typically be trained in delivery and inventory only. Their duties will be to keep inventory control as the vehicle is unloaded by labor furnished by the renter.

Additional services may be added from the list below:

  • Thermo-scan the project with infrared technology
  • Set-up of trailer mounted equipment - This includes set-up of all equipment through the door or window of the building, including duct work and the start-up of the equipment. (Does not include glass removal, custom-cut plywood panels or certified electricians.). Note: Certified electricians are required if any electrical circuitry is tied in to the building panels.
  • Provide certified electrician
  • Glass removal and custom cut panels
  • Installation of lay-flat ducting
  • Set up generator
  • Set up distribution panels and or cords for air movers or portable dehumidifiers
  • Provide desiccant dehumidifier technician – This person monitors the dehumidifiers and generators for proper operation, fuel levels, oil levels etc. They are trained in all operational aspects and minor and intermediate repair. (Not a major repair Mechanic)
  • Provide drying technician - This person assists in equipment placement, monitoring, and all applications to assist in building drying.
  • Provide moisture mapping and psychometric charting team - This team will map the affected area of the building and create documentation for psychometric and structural moisture content readings. They will also issue a letter of certification stating the condition of the structure upon completion. This will be reinforced by written documentation, digital photography, computerized psychometric readings and thermo imaging. All documentation will be sorted, tabbed and placed in a booklet ready for presentation to the necessary parties.
  • Provide project consultant – This person gives advice and expert opinions in the commercial drying field, including building drying, documentation, and billing.
  • Provide project management - This person is the manager for the entire project, controlling all aspects of building drying, documentation and billing and any and all other aspects necessary to dry the structure.
  • Provide “The Drying Team” - This team will coordinate, manage and provide any and all labor, tools, equipment and supplies necessary to return the structure to pre loss moisture levels.